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Grow and nurture tropical treasures in your backyard

Discover the magic of growing all-organic tropical vegetation in inhospitable arid soils with Apex Tropicals!

+5 years of desert soil knowledge and a lifetime of gardening experience

Plants are living organisms that require care. If you nurture your garden, it will thrive and reciprocate by taking care of you. The beauty of observing the process is only second to the pleasure of enjoying your harvest.

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Our philosophy

Tropical plants are unique because they live in three realms at once: soil, water and air. Our soil and water are alkaline and our air is dry, but with proper basic soil and water management along with incorporating humidity, it is possible to grow beautiful tropical gardens in the desert.

Creating an optimal environment for your garden doesn’t have to take years to develop. By addressing the soil composition and mitigating alkalinity you can design a beautiful garden in the Phoenix area.

We can begin the path toward bountiful and beautiful ornamental gardens with a few simple steps that are all driven by permaculture and regenerative farming practices. Build the soil and all the natural beneficial actors will show up to the play. We do this 100% organically — no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Don’t buy beautiful plants just hoping that they will make it. Buy confidently knowing that you are equipped with the knowledge to help your garden thrive.

Our offerings

Site consultation and design to meet your desired gardening objectives

From an aesthetic garden to an edible food forest, at Apex Tropicals, we employ organic practices to help build healthy and resilient ecosystems. Additionally, many of our ornamental and edible landscape plants are Arizona grown. We are proud to support those who are supporting us.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge so you are equipped with the tools you need to succeed independently.

Professional maintenance services

For those with the desire, but a lack of time, we offer professional maintenance services on bi-weekly/monthly basis.

Irrigation and tree consultations

We analyze whether your existing system is properly supporting your trees.

Planting and garden bed services

We install plants and raised garden beds.

Our services

Our expertise in creating microclimates will bring your yard to life!


Based on property microclimate.

Irrigation and tree consultation

We analyze whether  your system properly supporting your trees.

Planting & garden bed services

Installation of plants & raised garden beds.

Fertilizing and maintenance

Monthly maintenance includes pest mitigation tree pruning.

Our products

Shade trees

Shade trees help create a microclimate canopy.

Soil improvement

Amendments can help improve soil biology and chemistry to strengthen your garden.

Privacy hedges

Not only do hedges provide privacy, they also function as a wind break.

Fruit trees

We offer a strong variety of fruit trees including mangos, avocados, loquats, starfruit, lychee along with peaches, mulberries, figs, apples and more.

Companion planting

Low- and mid-elevation plants can generate humidity and retain heat in dry environments and cool the soil during the summers.


We offer a wide range of tropicals with distinct soil pH, composition and microclimate needs.

Arizona field-grown roses

We offer the best roses you will find and be able to grow in the Metro Phoenix area. They are both soil and sun acclimated due to being field grown for maximum results.

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Alison Walter


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